Forum G

Freewrite a 250 word (minimum) response to Kantz’s article using the following questions as guidelines:

o      Based on Kantz’s article:

§       First explain:  What abilities and knowledges does a strong reader and writer need to have?  How would you create a strong sustained research argument in Kantz’s opinion?  What would it look like?  Or what would it entail?  How would sources be worked with on the page in your essay?  How does she distinguish between opinions and facts and why is this distinction important?  How does rhetoric and rhetorical analysis come into play in reading and writing according to Kantz?  How does Kantz want you to conceive of yourself?  What ethos does she want you to create?  Lastly, how might Sibley be a role model for the kind of reader, writer, and thinker that Kantz advocates?

§       Second explain:  What might you do in your sustained research essay that mimics Sibley’s ethos and meet Kantz’s standards?  How will you create this ethos on the page? Be specific here.  I want to know what research methods you will implement to create that ethos, what sources you might draw on to create that ethos, and what you hope to accomplish as a rhetor on the page with your sustained research essay.  Also, what obstacles do you see yourself facing that arise as you research and write about this topic of inquiry.

**Remember, ethos is created on the page by presenting a credible voice, which gains respect of audience so that they will consider your argument.

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