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camera-girl-5 124659356_bbe1e5b661_o Banksy’s work…

47_450px Work of Billboard Liberation Front

Would you characterize the work above by Banksy and the Billboard Liberation Front “transgressive”? What does “transgressive” mean, connotate? Who gets to define what is and what is not “transgressive”? How does the term “transgressive” determine how such work in public space is received?  What other terms might some argue might be more appropriate or accurate to describe such work above? How is the term “transgressive” itself a contested space?

2 responses to “Forum D

  1. Something is considered transgressive, in this case transgressive art, if it is aimed to outrage or violate basic mores and sensibilities. I would consider the works of Banksy and the Billboard Liberation Front transgressive because their work is being displayed in a space where it is visible to the public. I personally feel that these artists are portraying these works to make a statement, possibly not wanting to outrage and upset the public but to allow for the public to understand how our society is run and its problems. I think transgressive works are defined by the law. Some people may feel that some work is transgressive while others do not. I do not personally feel that these works are transgressive, but they are definitely looked negatively upon by some people because they are in fact vandalizing property via graffiti or altering the meaning of something that was not its original intent. Other people who do not feel like these works are transgressive would possibly refer to this type of work as art.

  2. I believe that the works above by Banksy and the Billboard Liberation Font are transgressive. By definition a transgressive sign is one that placed somewhere it should not be. Such signs can also be seen as graffiti since there are signs that do not have authorization to be placed in public spaces. The top two pictures comment on the invasion of personal privacy. The connotation of the work can be that it is defacing public property, but it is a freedom of speech and opinion that is being expressed for others to see. Although many may see these transgressive signs as offensive and sometimes vulgar, I personally do not agree with these thought. Public space is exactly that and should be a place where a person can express himself or herself. I do not think that simply graffitiing a public wall is an act that is criminal in any way. Everyone has the freedom of speech and how he or she chooses to express their opinions is up to them within reason of course.

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