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Compare the two billboard advertisements above that were distributed across the state of Montana when I lived there by the Montana Meth Campaign. Based on your reading from Discourses in Place, what narratives are being created in these billboards? How are these narratives created by the represented participants?  How is modality achieved in these billboard?  What are the main indicators of modality in each image? How are they different? Lastly, what kinds of relationships are created between the images and the viewers? How is that relationship created differently in each image?

Also, what kind of social control do these billboards attempt to influence?  Who is responsible for this exertion of social control? What ramifications ensue from these billboards that might not have considered or weighed heavily enough? Do the potential benefits outweigh the potential harm? Do you find these billboards a problematic and/but justified use of public space? Why or why not? Please explain….

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