Group 4

Hello Group 4.

This group page is a space for you and your peers to interact with course materials and discuss ask questions amongst yourselves. Each week you will be asked to respond to a forum question and respond to each other. Your instructor will weigh in on the discussions as well. You are welcome to join conversations among other groups; however, your grade for blog participation during this unit is divided amongst your participation in your group forums as well as the work you conduct on your personal blogs, which also includes peer interaction.

Each of your initial responses should be at least 250 words. In these responses, I expect to see you draw on course readings in your text and enter into conversation with the authors in your responses. By entering into conversation with the authors, I expect you to be responding directly to some of their claims and to wrestle with their concepts and theories and definitions.  This forum is a place to express confusion with readings as well as thoughts the readings stimulated in you. There should be ample evidence in your responses that you read the text and seriously engaged with the ideas in the text.

Once you all make your own initial responses to forum questions, please check back and respond to each other’s comments. Imagine this space as a classroom discussion, where you all respond to each other and express your informed ideas about the topic at hand.  I hope to see lively and engaging discussions ensuing on these pages!  Try to post responses that will evoke responses from your peers.  Thanks!

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