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 Freewrite a 250 word (minimum) response to Kantz’s article using the following questions as guidelines:

o      Based on Kantz’s article:

§       First explain:  What abilities and knowledges does a strong reader and writer need to have?  How would you create a strong sustained research argument in Kantz’s opinion?  What would it look like?  Or what would it entail?  How would sources be worked with on the page in your essay?  How does she distinguish between opinions and facts and why is this distinction important?  How does rhetoric and rhetorical analysis come into play in reading and writing according to Kantz?  How does Kantz want you to conceive of yourself?  What ethos does she want you to create?  Lastly, how might Sibley be a role model for the kind of reader, writer, and thinker that Kantz advocates?

§       Second explain:  What might you do in your sustained research essay that mimics Sibley’s ethos and meet Kantz’s standards?  How will you create this ethos on the page? Be specific here.  I want to know what research methods you will implement to create that ethos, what sources you might draw on to create that ethos, and what you hope to accomplish as a rhetor on the page with your sustained research essay.  Also, what obstacles do you see yourself facing that arise as you research and write about this topic of inquiry.

**Remember, ethos is created on the page by presenting a credible voice, which gains respect of audience so that they will consider your argument.

3 responses to “Forum G

  1. In order to be a strong reader, they need to have qualities of dedication and interest towards the topic they are reading so they can better understand the information from the text. Another important tool to have is to be able to realize what information is important to remember and which are just extra words that can be forgotten. As for being a strong writer, the writer must be able focus on structure, organization, details and mechanics of their writing. According to Kantz’s argument, she believes a strong writer; in order to enhance the quality of their writing needs to include many sources to support their information instead of just telling a story. For my essay, sources will be important because they will help to prove my point with the opinions of the people I interview. However, citing actual sources will help with the validity of my paper. Kantz makes the point that it is important for the writer to pay attention to facts and not get distracted by the opinions in a source. In Kantz’s article she discusses rhetoric and rhetorical analysis because she attempts to inform the reader of how to find the writer’s rhetoric goals within their writing instead of just reading the piece of text. This way, the reader can develop a much better understanding by being able to see the rhetorical points that the writer makes.
    For my research paper I am planning on integrating facts with opinions because I think both are central to my paper. I am going to use more quotes than I normally do though to help to tell my point instead of me narrating it myself. I also have the tendency to simply place quotes in my paper but they don’t usually end up doing anything to help my point. However, for this paper I am planning on using my quotes more effectively and integrating them more into my paper to enhance my main point. For my paper, the research methods I am planning on using are interviews, questionnaires, and imagery. I am hoping that the rhetor of my essay will appeal to a large audience because it is something that everyone comes in contact with everyday but may not think about the advertising industry in the way I am analyzing it. Some of the obstacles I see happening within my paper are staying focused on facts because so much of my point will be based off opinion and finding unbiased sources.

  2. In order to write a quality research paper you must first start with a quality topic which allows you the ability to expand and interpret. If you don’t have something you can write adequately on, then I recommend finding a new topic. You will save yourself so much trouble if you can narrow your topic to one that works best for you. It also helps in picking a topic that you can relate too; this will allow you to give personal feelings if the paper calls for it. Katz believes that it first starts with students research, research is one important key to having a great paper. Katz thinks that many times students find research that disagrees with their initial findings. At this time students become confused because they don’t know what research to use. Katz believes that students need to interpret all data represented and create a rhetorical situation. This rhetorical situation will allow the student to interpret the data adequately and efficiently. Another thing that Katz believes students encounter is research not telling them the truth. Sometimes research doesn’t tell the truth and it takes a lot of interpretation and the ability to find other sources to support your claim. Many students become discouraged at this point but they must work through it. Katz also wants you to establish your ethos in a strong way in order to grab the reader’s attention and keep them reading. Ethos is your ability to persuade others on your topic and make them care. Sibley is a good role model because she shows other students how hard it is to establish and complete a research assignment. Many of the struggles Sibley faced I will face and students in our class will face. I will create a strong ethos in my paper by collecting quality primary research. I plan on conducting personal interviews, observations and internal investigations. Because of this I believe that I will not have the trouble with getting my research to agree and creating a strong ethos. In addition, I will gather information in an info graph which will allow me to present information cleverly to my readers. Not only will this look cool it will allow readers a break from text and re-interest them in the paper. I would consider the info graph the second attention grabber besides the introduction.

  3. In the Kantz article about using textual sources, she makes many good points about why students have trouble with research. She gives many points about what it takes to be a good writer and a good reader. One of her points on being a good writer was that one must have an interest in the topic that they choose to write a bout. This will help them to understand the topic more and have more to relate to it because they know it better. They will have better luck with the sources they are using because they will be able to understand the material better. To be a better reader, students must understand many things about textual sources that they find. They must learn to understand them. They need to learn to find the strong points and having an interest in your topic helps this. Also, to be a strong writer, you must use facts. Once you find your source you must use fact to back up your points. Opinion is important in certain points but not according to Kantz. She says you must not use opinions in your writing and facts help support your topic much more. Another way to be a good writer is to have good organization. There must be good detail with facts that are organized throughout your writing. This helps the readers to better understand your point. This is how you create ethos in your paper. In my sustained research essay I plan on creating a very credible voice for myself because I plan on finding many sources that I can find good, factual information to present to my audience. I have a large audience because there are many that play Xbox Live regularly and it is a very big topic in our country especially. I will create a valid argument by using these stories and make sure to back it up with these facts I find to help the reader to understand the point I am trying to make, and help them to see me as a credible writer because of the factual information I will collect.

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