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Please post your freewrite below in which you identified the rhetorical situation of and responded to the infographic as assigned in Freewrite #3.

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  1. In the 2007 GOOD magazine article, “Tear Down This Wall”, Robert Di leso chooses six image-texts of famous walls to convey his message of how humans throughout history have built walls to separate themselves.

    The author is able to make his point by visual rhetoric; using images and text. The visual rhetoric in this case is the pictures of the walls and food mixed with the accompanied factual text. According to Aristotle there are three ways of persuading, ethos, pathos, and logos, and Di leso does all three; He adds his own character by choosing a unique style to demonstrate his message, visual images of the walls which encourages the reader to learn about them, and the text portion of the article provides factual information.

    After reading Rhetorical Visions, there are deeper meanings. The historical context of this article, the title is from President Reagan instructing Mikhail Gorbachev to bring down the Berlin wall in 1987. However, many people may not know that the title has significance to the article other than featuring the word “wall”. The Rhetoric triangle consists of the rhetor, the text, and the audience. In this case, Robert A. Di leso is the rhetor, the text is the article, and the audience is each indivudual reader of the article because everyone’s perspective is different.

  2. One Sentence Summary:
    In the Transparency Tear Down This Wall We keep finding ways to keep people apart, an image protesting the installation of a new wall between the Mexican American Border, Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr. visually compares this newly proposed wall too previously installed walls that were meant to keep people separated.

    Free Write:
    Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr. who is a designer and illustrator working out of Brooklyn, NY designed this transparency. He has worked for the NY times, Time inc., and Fast Company. This transparency seemed to be collaboration between Good and Open N.Y. Good seems to be a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and non-profits, the site is composed of political images, opinion editorials, and independent news articles. It seems it is kind of a Wikipedia type-site for news, and political information. I can’t find any information on the OPEN NY organization.

    This image was created for the GOOD website. Leading me to believe that anyone with a computer would be able to view it. I feel like the target audience were people concerned with the installation of a wall between the Mexican and American border.

    In 2007, prior to the election, border security was a hot button issue; this image provides commentary on that issue. It compares this proposed wall to a number of previously installed walls that were made to keep peoples apart.

    The author uses visual rhetoric in the piece. I think the function of this image is to provide commentary on the border security issue. It compares this proposed wall to many previously installed walls. Most of these previously installed walls have failed to last measure of time. In the icon of the proposed American wall we see someone climbing over it, suggesting that a 10-foot wall will not be nearly high enough to keep people from crossing this border. This is the shortest of all these walls. Also all of these walls had the same purpose, to divide groups of people I think that the author is opposed to this and believes this newly proposed American wall would not work.

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