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Compare the two billboard advertisements above that were distributed across the state of Montana when I lived there by the Montana Meth Campaign.  Based on your reading from Discourses in Place, what narratives are being created in these billboards? How are these narratives created by the represented participants?  How is modality achieved in these billboard?  What are the main indicators of modality in each image? How are they different? Lastly, what kinds of relationships are created between the images and the viewers? How is that relationship created differently in each image?

Also, what kind of social control do these billboards attempt to influence?  Who is responsible for this exertion of social control? What ramifications ensue from these billboards that might not have considered or weighed heavily enough? Do the potential benefits outweigh the potential harm? Do you find these billboards a problematic and/but justified use of public space? Why or why not? Please explain….

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  1. The narratives being created is the unfolding idea that sex could lead to drug use and possibly shared drug usage between friends which ultimately leads to a life of destruction where you are injuring you and your life. These images are graphic and descriptive with their intent to show the severity of the issue that could arise if one decided to use meth and possibly become addicted. This in turn could be the modality trying to be achieved with the ads. An example could be how the girl in the first picture is lying there, clearly strung out due to the amount of darkness around her eyes, her sweatiness and by the direction she is looking, which is away from the consumers. It also seems like she is being taken advantage of by a guy for sexual favors.

    Tactics such as these billboards are used often by companies to give an extreme visual as to what will happen to people who become addicted to meth, sex and other drugs etc. However, I feel like because these ads are so extreme and over exaggerated, it doesn’t do much to stop kids from ruining their lives with the choices and decisions that they make based on trends, social media, and peer pressure.

  2. These billboards are creating a narrative that, each generation is starting to experiment with drugs and sex at a much younger age. The girls here look to be in there early teens and are leading to the fact that now drugs and sex come as a package deal.In the first image there is a narrative vector being created as the man is looking down at this young girl. Without even seeing all of his face you can connect this idea because you know he is facing down towards her. I believe the first image has a higher modality then the second because the color saturation and illumination is less tampered with. This makes the image look more realistic and trustworthy. However in the second image the faces of the girl look to be much brighter then the very dark background and makes me think they probably tampered with the color saturation of the image. I believe the first image is probably more relatable because the girl is not actually looking at you and it seems to be more of a candid shot of what meth can do to you. The overall picture seems much more realistic however it probably doesn’t get the same wow affect that the second image gets. The second billboard may not be saying a lot between the two girls but because they are looking straight into their viewers eyes it is probably conveying a strong message. They are pleading with their viewers to not share needles or drugs with friends because it can lead to many bad diseases. Although the image seems to have been tampered with to create more contrast between the faces to make them stand out more.
    These billboards are attempting to control behavior of its youth in Alabama. They are trying to create awareness of the effects of drug use amongst teen groups. I believe overall these billboards are not strong enough to stop current users or to prevent teens from trying drugs. If signs like these worked we wouldn’t have to continually introduce things like this to try and stop the current use. I think these billboards are a justified use of public space because it is better then having a huge joint on a billboard saying “smoke me” however i still feel that they are not as beneficial as parents and officials would like to think.

  3. The narratives in these two particular billboards are that young women are particularly susceptible to abuse, STDs, etc. The girls in these ads look completely devastated as if their whole worlds have fallen apart. I believe the top ad is more realistic because it captures a moment in time of this girl who is being abused by a man for drug money. The second ad depicts disheveled girls who are apparently friends who now share STDs from using meth. In this ad, the girls are looking right at the viewer, drawing us in by telling us about their lives through their eyes.

    I think there would be some kind of radical response if these billboards appeared in public space. Usually, billboards featuring young girls show them in glamorous outfits and in flattering positions. Here, the girls look like they’ve hit rock bottom and they feel stuck. Personally, if I saw these ads in public space, I would think they were a little extreme, but I wouldn’t be opposed to their use. Meth use is a serious problem for some youth and perhaps hard-hitting, graphic billboards like these would strike a chord with users and inspire them to seek help. In that instance, they’re worthwhile.

  4. Writing 205
    February 9, 2010
    Eunice Jones

    The reason that I picked this billboard is because it had spoken to me. The sign is telling me that it is my choice to take care of my heart. I can eat right, exercise, don’t smoke and to see my doctor on a regular basis. If I don’t decide to take care of my heart there are all kinds of diseases out there to catch. You see in my family we all have some kind of heart condition. I have arrthymia and high blood pressure. My father and two of my sisters had to get shunts put into there arteries for blood flow. So you see I have to take care of my heart for a healthy long life.
    The sign is telling people that Austin Hospital is the right hospital for people with a heart condition. They will give them excellent care. Also, in the sign it has a heart that is intertwined with a star that could represent Austin as being the number one in heart surgeries or other heart conditions in there field.
    This sign is modality because the sign to me is talking to you about becoming more heart healthy. By the company capitalizing the “C” in choice it is like telling you that now is the time to make the choice and be resposible for the care of your heart. The EKG reading represents a flat line which is on half of the green diagram and a healthy heart beat that is on the other half of the diagram.
    I did not really have any problems. I was just trying to find something that would just reach out to me and let me think.

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